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The Drawing Machine is a device that records traces of human activity in a specific environment. In 'Device for Drawing the Movements of a Ballerina,' the drawing machine traces out the dancer's movements across the stage over several evenings of performance. While transcribing the trajectory of the ballerina upon paper, the machine distills and extracts the physicality of the performance through its reduction to the simplicity of lines. Similarly Storey's 'Handle with Care' records movements within a volatile enviroment. A shipping container with six hinged sides and a gessoed interior, 'Handle with Care' contains a moveable carriage holding a specially designed pen used by NASA for extraterrestiral excursions. Within the context of a moving vehicle, the box itself becomes a passive drawing machine. The vibrations, acceleration and braking of the storage vehicle (a transport truck) become the gestural source for the completed piece.

Draw I

alan storey - draw - installation - or gallery

DRAW I, 1984. Or Gallery Vancouver and Mercer Union,  Toronto, 1986. Overall view of installed piece. This piece is built on the principle of an articulated arm - though made of heavy timber. 600lb. lead counter-weights are bolted to the end of the swingarm to give you an idea of the massive scale of this work .The motorized assembly rotates at low speed, the articulated arm keeping the inked bicycle wheel in constant contact with the gallery walls.  The 'drawing machine' marks the wall with every rotation at a pseudo-random height deter-mined by a second motorized movement in the arm.



Handle with Care

alan storey - handle with care

at left: Handle with Care,1991.

The Climatic Drawing Machine

alan storey - climatic drawing machine
Left: Alan Storey: Climatic Drawing Machine, 1991. The POWER PLANT, Toronto.

at left: model of climatic drawing machine and resulting drawing on rear wall installed in gallery

at right: detail of 'recording paper ' roll. The direction of the wind rotates the paper recording drum via the weather vane on the roof of the building. The drum is moved up and down according to the velocity of the wind.

Device for Drawing the Movements of a Ballerina

alan storey - device for drawing the movements of a ballerina - queen elizabeth theatre vancouver

left: "Alan Storey: Device for Drawing the Movements of a Ballerina", Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver Canada, 2008.

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